DMIT study for children..!

Being into a job of an assistant coordinator at a Montessori school I was struggling to take care of a baby and eighty- year- old grandma at home. Realized a fixed nine to four jobs was not something that I could manage any more. I was looking for a change and the opportunity knocked in the form of Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence test (DMIT)study for children.


It was providence that during one of the vacations, a cousin of mine introduced the concept and did the process of fingerprint scanning for my daughter. She gave a lot of information …. which I did not pay heed to in the beginning.


The only page that interested me was the one that mentioned her interest in the extra-curricular activities. So the areas that she scored high in for example Music … we made sure we put her in singing and enrolled her for guitar classes as per her choice.


The paradox of choice narrows down once you have the report in hand, this was the only page I referred to for a very long time. We as moms are skeptical about how to help them shape up as strong individuals , give them the  right push without pressurizing .But is one not clueless as  to which direction to take or questions that keep hovering … are we doing the right thing for our little one. The seeds of doubt …. This or that is always there… AM I Right? Parenting is a wondrous adventure, but it can also feel lonely, crazy journey with lots of ups and down.


Often as parents we only see the consequences of a problem and tend to look for solution, rather looking for the cause of the problem. The child may be failing in his class as he lacks the ability to learn the form taught in class, for example: a child failing in History because of his reading and writing skills and not because of memory problem. A child weak in Chemistry can be actually weak in Mathematics and due to calculations is not achieving the desired results.


The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) Report will help to understand the innate characteristics and communication mode of the children, provide them the most appropriate learning habit from a young age.


DMIT report answers some key questions about an individual.


What are your study habits like?

  • Deeper insights into an individual’s learning style….
  • Natural flair /Inclination towards any specific area
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.


Why is it difficult to adapt to a social circle for some and turns out to be a cakewalk for others?


Understanding your potential and discovering improvement areas at the onset of the career forming age is the advantage we get after getting the DMIT test done. The report gives an advantage of being fully prepared for your future decisions and shaping up of an individual’s persona.


I would want to share a couple of interesting observations that I noticed for two very close and diverse individuals.


One was a growing child, whose report clearly indicated the likeness towards music. She was enrolled for guitar classes and had gone for a few months when the first lock down struck. The classes stopped but the practise continued at home. There was a small portable Casio at home, and one day it was observed that the kid was able to play the casio also without any training. The parents were truly surprised, they hadn’t expected it. Suddenly they could corelate with the report. The likeness for music, meant the kid was more likely to learn faster and master the skill compared to another kid, whose report might have had him stronger on other aspects, but not music.


The other observation was that of a very successful Doctor. He got the DMIT done out of curiosity and he scored extremely low on management skills, which contrary to his position today. We tried to introspect, how did we get the report wrong, or was the report flawed. During the counselling session, the Doctor himself vouched that he was really bad with management at every level. Over the years, with all the efforts he put in, he managed to become good at it.


I think that counselling hit the bulls eye. DMIT helps you identify your strength’s but also identifies the areas where you have to put in more work and get better.